A Moment of Silence

I’m a little bummed.  I found out today that “Bethenny Ever After” is not scheduled to return to Bravo for a fourth season (well, technically a third season, since “Bethenny Getting Married” preceded it).  Apparently, Bethenny is tired of the whole scene and has declared she is done with reality TV.  It seems she is throwing her energies behind her up-and-coming talk show instead.

I’m not a big talk show person.  I’m sure I’ll tune in on occasion if she has an interesting topic or provocative guest (will Jill Zarin make an appearance?  Ha!  Hell will probably freeze over first).  I’m happy for her – Bethenny’s said for a while now having a talk show was a longtime dream.  And for that I say, “mazel.”

“Bethenny Ever After” was a such a fun, light show, a total departure from the antics of the “Real Housewives” (pick a city, any city) and it was cool to see her continue her journey from the broke “underdog” to savvy entrepreneur and mogul who got the man and the baby along the way.  I’ve made no secret she is my girl crush.  I’ve memorized passages from her book, “Place of Yes” and am applying much of her gospel to my own life (some folks have Tony Robbins, I have Bethenny).  Huh.  I see a future blog post on this topic…   

Love her or hate her, you have to admire anyone who can leverage reality TV and then transcend it.  She used reality TV to build and strengthen her Skinnygirl brand, and then left it behind, deciding she wanted to walk out of the party instead of getting kicked out. 

And that’s always the better way.