The Waiting Game

I’m playing the waiting game. 

When I first made the decision this past Spring to jump into the world of ebooks, I had a plan (as I always do). 

My goal was to have my first book up by November, with two more to follow over the course of a few months. 

As tempting as it was to just throw my babies out into the world without so much as a coat, cab fare and a lecture about stranger danger, I knew I had to go through the process: fix the plot holes in the first manuscript I wanted to release (and there were enough to drive ten trucks through), refine it, take what I learned in Joy Fielding’s class and apply accordingly, vet it, edit it, format it, cover it and release it.

My sister read it and gave me sound advice and then I decided to take two classmates up on their offer to read it and give me their feedback.  I’m anxious to get their thoughts so I can incorporate them then move on to the next stage.

In the meantime, I’m plowing ahead with another WIP (work-in-progress) and if all goes well, I should have a complete first draft by the end of October.  I’m also tweaking the next manuscript I plan to release and will be dusting off the third to see what kind of shape it’s in.  I haven’t looked at in ten years, so that should be interesting. 

As always, back to writing.