True Story

My father has had a long and varied career path, starting out in broadcasting, moving into politics and eventually becoming a lawyer, his profession for the past twenty-five or so years.

Along the way, he’s met a lot of folks.  My siblings and I joke that we can’t go anywhere without somebody somewhere knowing him.  Well, mostly Arkansas.

Anywho, few years ago, we were on one of our many long-distance car trips, and, I don’t remember how the conversation got started, but he was telling me about a speech professor he had when he was getting his Masters in speech communication at the University of Texas in Austin and all the things he learned from this professor and how this professor eventually moved to Virginia for a more prestigious position, so on and so forth.

Then, my father says something like (and I’m TOTALLY paraphrasing here), “and actually, he was murdered a few years ago and his wife was found guilty.  Apparently, she gunned him down in his driveway.  I do remember hearing rumors about her when I was in school and everyone said it was a bad marriage, so nobody was surprised she did it.”

“Wait a minute,” I said.  “Was the wife from Houston and she was pretending to be her sister or something when she killed him?”

“Yeah,” my dad said.  “That’s right.”

That’s when I realized I’d seen this on “Snapped.”

What are the odds? (believe me when I tell you, my father wouldn’t know “Snapped” from “Chopped,” so this was a total coincidence).

The case in question was the murder of Fred Jablin by his wife, Piper Rountree.


“Investigation Discovery” just featured this on “Scorned: Love Kills,” and it made me think of it.


There's gotta be a book I can get out of this...