Men Plan, God Laughs

It’s a pretty empowering feeling to know you’ve kicked adversity’s ass.  In other words, accomplishing something you, or other people, deemed impossible.

I thought I could kick formatting’s ass on the manuscript for my E-Book, “Live and Let Die.”  As great as it would be to just upload your manuscript and have it translate beautifully across various e-readers, it’s a little trickier than that – there’s margins, paragraphs, spacing, etc., to contend with.  I knew trying to copyedit myself was silly and forget designing a cover – about the best I would have been able to do was some crayons on a page.  However, after doing some research, I decided to take on the formatting myself.  It looked like something I could master so I went for it.

It was a good idea in theory.  Not so much in reality.

After numerous tries threaded with a series of mini breakdowns, I had to face the sad fact that formatting would get one up on me.  I couldn’t get the fonts or spacing to behave and the end result looked like a bad cut and paste job.  Rather than put out an inferior product, I pulled “Live and Let Die” and sent the manuscript to a professional formatter.  I’ve been given a timeframe of mid-December (possibly sooner) for completion, so while I’m disappointed that I will have to push back the release of my book for another month, it was the right call.  I only have one shot to get this right and putting out something I know looks like crap would surely come back to bite me. 

Not worth it.

So, the waiting game continues, but as always, I will continue writing.