Indie Block Party: Post 7 - Writing Tips

Welcome back to the Indie Block Party.  Today's post is to share some of my writing tips.  Be sure to click on the linky below to hop around for tips from my neighbors!

So, I don't have a drawn-out list.  Everyone's writing process is different.  However, there are a few things that I think ALL writers should adhere to:

1. Write everyday.  Even if it's only 500 words, that's 500 words you didn't have yesterday. 

2. Read, read, read.  Read everything you can; books, magazines, newspapers, whatever you can get your hands on.  Read the good stuff.  Read the bad stuff.  Read the mediocre stuff.  It's an excellent way to learn the craft (besides writing of course; practice, practice, practice.)

3. Avoid adverbs, i.e. "-ly" words.  "She quickly turned."  "She said sadly."  You get the idea.  Stephen King compares them to weeds in the garden and really, who wants to look at that?


  1. Reading is indeed very important for a writer. Luckily it was already my hobby before I started writing. :)

  2. Love the's really all you need!

  3. Thanks, Millie!

    Maria, I once met someone who wanted to write a book, but said they didn't read. It did not compute!


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