It's a(n) (Indie) Block Party!

Summer is winding down (boo), but I'm thrilled to fit in a few more summer activities, one of which is the "Indie Block Party," starting today and wrapping up on August 30.

Each day, there will be a new post that focuses on some aspect of writing, my books and who I am as an author.

The blog post topics are:

Week 1: August 19-24

Post 1: Introduce Yourself
Post 2: Introduce Your WIP (Work in Progress)
Post 3: Interview one of your characters(I'll be featuring Sondra from "Live and Let Die")
Post 4: Interview one of your neighbors (I'll be interviewing Contemporary Romance Author, Susan Ann Wall) 
Week 2: August 25-30
Post 5: What are you currently reading?
Post 6: Top 5 Books
Post 7: Writing Tips
Post 8: Social Media and Networking Tips
While this is a chance for folks to get to know me a little, it's also an opportunity to discover some other great indies (there are 35 authors total participating in all, so check them out!)
So, here goes!
Post 1: Introduce Yourself
I've been writing since the womb.  I was a bit of an introvert growing up, which meant I spent a lot of time making up stories about all kinds of crazy stuff.  For example, for my 7th grade English class, I wrote a story about a high school cheerleader whose dream is to get so fat, she has to wear a bedsheet to her senior prom.  It won a Reader's Choice Award from my classmates for "Best Story," which was kind of cool.
My professional background is comprised of toiling for years at PR and advertising agencies and for the past few years, I've worked as a freelance writer.  In late 2012, after too much dithering around, I took the plunge into "indiedom" with the release of my psychological suspense novel, "Live and Let Die."  All of my stories deal with the Dark Side of Love (let's just say anyone who's ever been featured on a Discovery ID show is part of my tribe).  It's been a scary, thrilling, crazy ride and I love it.   




  1. Same to you, neighbor! I loved the story about your name change!

  2. Hello Bianca, stopping by from around the Block.
    Did your previous PR and advertising work help you with your approach to indiedom?

  3. Hi Elaine,
    It did. I know some authors have trepidation about promoting themselves and their work, but because I did it for so long, I'm comfortable approaching a book blogger to request a review, for example. Plus, it's a product I totally believe in! :)

  4. Hi Bianca! It's nice to meet you! Hehe, I laughed about the bed sheet cheerleader.... lols!!! Congrats on becoming indie! I imagine it is liberating! :)

  5. Hey Bianca,

    Stopping by at a fellow author's blog page. The first thing I noticed was your name - it's beautiful! So, you write on the Dark Side. We may have something in common.

    See you around...

    Hemanth Gorur

  6. Hi Courtney!
    Thanks for the shout-out to the bedsheet! I still have it around here somewhere :) And yes, being an indie is awesome - lots of fun.

    I'll see you on the Dark Side /:)

  7. Bianca, this was short and I mean short and kinda know, hanging out on the dark side...

    I'm shite at self-promoting...I hope to have some of your PR knowledge just sort of drift towards me, like through literary osmosis or something.

  8. Hey Millie,
    Yeah, promoting your work can be time-consuming and daunting. I'm actually working on a guest blog for Riley Banks' Writer's Shack about Passive and Active Marketing. I'll send you the link when it's up! :)

  9. The cheerleader who wants to get fat, that's a brilliant idea!


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