Tales from the Dark Side...of Love Giveaway: J.D. Core Takes Revenge

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. I say, it’s a dish best served up before the whole world.

For me, one of the perks of writing fiction is the way it helps me purge my personal demons. I suspect other writers have found this as well. Did somebody cut Richard Matheson off in traffic? Is that why he wrote Duel? Did somebody mercilessly tease Stephen King in high school for being different? Was Carrie his own alter-ego in some twisted way?

What if somebody really hurt you? What if they stole your spouse and ruined your vision of your happy life?

Well, I suppose you could write a hokey country song about slashing all four tires and busting a window.  Or you could go all out and write an epic poem about the gods and wander the Mediterranean Sea for decades.

Or you could do what I did—spend a few years working on and improving the perfect murder plot, a foolproof scheme with a built-in alibi, an untraceable poison, and an ingenious delivery method

Then, with that flawless plot perfected in my mind, I finally put pen to paper and with relish, created a satisfying alternate reality in which the fictional stand-in for my real-world nemesis gets his well-deserved comeuppance. Now I wait patiently for the story to find its way into that SOB’s e-reader, knowing he will recognize that it’s a story about him and the fate he so richly deserved and (but for my good graces) just narrowly avoided.

Best of all, it’s totally legal and potentially lucrative.

Bianca’s Note: I’ve always said I’m going to have to kill my ex in one of my books one day!  One day…one day…

Sorry, I got distracted there.  Fiction is great for exorcising demons, especially when you write mystery/suspense/thriller novels.  You can vanquish your archenemy once and for all—in your head at least.

Thanks to J.D. for reminding us how to get revenge legally!

J.D. is offering a paperback version of his suspense novel, Extreme Unction as part of the “Tales from the Dark Side…of Love Giveaway,” so be sure and enter for your chance to win along with other great prizes!

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