Tales from the Dark Side...of Love Giveaway - Terry Tyler's Top Five Dark Side TV Heroes

I’m delighted to have been asked by Bianca to appear on her ‘Dark Side of Love’ feature, as my most recent novel, ‘What It Takes’ is very much about the darker side of romantic relationships…  it’s full of jealousy, obsession, secrets and scheming! 

On this subject, I’d like to tell you about my top five TV heroes from the dark side – no, I’m not talking about vampires, but about men who are not perhaps everyone’s ideal.  When it comes to fantasy heroes, I’m not really into the Prince Charming type – I tend to find attractive men who have flaws, craggy faces, charisma, intelligence, or those who you just can help fancying even though they’ve done some pretty crap things – which leads me to number five in my countdown of MY TOP FIVE DARK SIDE TV HEROES…
Number 5 – Jamie Lannister in “Game of Thrones”

He’s murdered kings, been downright monstrous to the equally lush Ned Stark, AND he screws his sister, but you just can’t help thinking, oh, Jamie, let me under that Gold Cloak with you!!!


Number 4 – Chalky White in “Boardwalk Empire”
There’s something about American gangsters in the Prohibition era that always does it for me.  Of course, Chalky is as ruthless as any of them, and has several mile-high chips on his shoulder, but there's something so endearing about him and the way he wants so badly to be perceived by others as a man of great social standing.  I adore the actor, Michael Kenneth Williams, and think I love him equally as the man who robs drug dealers, Omar Little in “The Wire.”


Half way – my number 3 is Jax Teller in “Sons of Anarchy”
What better sexy bad guy than a sexy biker?  Especially one with glassy blue eyes, who wastes his enemies like we’d throw out the rubbish, but would still do anything for his kids and his best buddies.  He’s got a bit overly intense lately, but then I suppose you would, when your mother’s just killed your wife… and your wife was only just stopped from selling you down the river to the feds…


The runner up – Peter Barlow from “Coronation Street”

The bigamist alcoholic – yep, I can certainly pick ’em!  Peter’s just got sexier and sexier over the years, though, and he’s even better now he’s sober.  Main problem with Peter is that he just can’t seem to stay in love with one woman for long enough… but I’d share a tab outside the bookies with him any time!  (ps – a ‘tab’ is northern English slang for a cigarette!)


And my number one favourite man from the dark side – (drum roll)…. 

Walter White from “Breaking Bad!”
It’s not just that I fancy Bryan Cranston – I just loved the way that Walter’s illegal dealings brought out the inner tiger in him as he transformed from frustrated chemistry teacher to Heisenberg, Lord of Crystal Meth.  Who can forget the very first episode, when he’d just launched his new life, came home and ‘took’ wife Skyler with surprising force ~ “Walt, is that YOU?”, I believe she said… lucky thing!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my men from the dark side, and would be interested to hear what you think!

Bianca's Note: I love a man with a dark side, so this is right up my alley! 

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  1. Oh yeah! I love this post. Very interesting bad boys. My favorite is Jamie Lannister of course! Then again, I am obsessed with Game of Thrones.

  2. Oh, so am I! I was tempted by Rob Stark, who got more sexy in series 3, but he's a bit too loyal! Jamie is the one.... but then there is, oddly, Tyrion. I loved Ned Stark best, but he was SO not a bad boy!

  3. Everyone loves a bad boy! My husband watched "Breaking Bad" and I had absolutely no problem joining him on the couch if only to Pine over Mr. Walter :) brittney_starr08@yahoo.com

    1. Ah, great to see somone who agrees with me, Brittney!! :) I loved Breaking Bad, one of my favourite TV series ever :)

  4. I haven't seen any of those shows! I think I'm going to have to now to see what I've been missing :)

  5. Alana! Get started!!!! I SO envy you - I wish I had them all to watch! Game of Thrones is adventure/fantasy (loads of hot guys with swords), Sons of Anarchy is about a biker gang, Boardwalk Empire is Atlantic City in the 1920s, Breaking Bad about a chemistry teacher who becomes a drug lord, and Corrie is an English working class soap opera!!!

  6. I haven't seen those shows but I LOVE me a bad boy!

    1. I forgot to include my email address...navyfamof7@gmail.com

    2. Yes, we know you like them bad boys girlie! You need to go back and watch Breaking Bad. Good show. :)


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