Tales from the Dark Side...of Love Giveaway: David Thayer's Tale of the Dark Side of Love

August 1964
Even Manhattan can feel empty when the woman you love has thrown you over. I’m standing on the corner of Wall and Broad across from the fabled stock exchange in the shadow of Trinity Church and the New York Fed and I don’t see another living soul.

I do see her, though, ducking her head as she steps off the curb. It’s breezy down here in the canyons and she knows how to keep her hat on her head while dodging taxis and panel vans on those three inch heels. A couple of construction guys watch her passage from one curb to another as if mesmerized by a high wire act over Niagara Falls. Ursula steps safely to the opposite curb, her eyes scanning the horizon. I know where she’s going. Delmonico’s for lunch. That’s our place, where we rendezvous for cocktails once the work day slips behind the Hudson River.
Twilight time.

There’s no twilight now, just darkness, a kind of blindness that leaves a man leaning against an office building staring into space.  I can kid myself about following her over to the restaurant, maybe staging some drama at the front door like a cheesy character from an off-Broadway play. She drops from sight just as a million pedestrians reenter the frame, people brushing past me like I’m standing still.
I am standing still. My feet won’t move. That’s how it goes when you’re gut punched by love.

Bianca’s Note: Well, this guy sounds a tad creepy, no? Or maybe on the flip side, he's just heartsick?  What do you think?

Thanks to David for taking us back in time and giving us a peek into his world.  And a big thanks for offering an eBook copy of his crime thriller, “Red Mountain.”  Please enter below for your chance to win, along with a slew of other awesome prizes!
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