Tales from the Dark Side...of Love Giveaway: Kelly Cozy Writes a "Dear John" Letter

Not every love story ends happily, and even the protagonists of paranormal romance may need a "Dear John" note...

My dearest Count Laurent von Sanguine:

Already this letter is going wrong - calling you by your formal name instead of our special one, the one I gave you on our first night together. So I will start again.

My dearest "Bitey":

It's over. But it's not you, it's me.

Sometimes I think I knew all along that it wasn't meant to be.  Perhaps it was the way we met.  The romance of it all - the graveyard, the slimy moss that dangled from the trees and tangled in our hair, the moonless night that made me stumble on a tree root and fall into your arms.  I was swept away.  Or perhaps it was the sheer romance of what you are.  That pupil-less gaze fixed on me and I thought for a moment I was one of those lucky girls, like Mina and Lucy.

I confess I didn't truly think about what it would really mean, being with you for all eternity.  I have to say, your friends don't make things easy. I still cringe thinking of the looks they gave me at the last Samhain party.  How was I to know that drinking blood blended instead of on the rocks is a "sure sign of a mortal"? You could have mentioned that to me. And I won't even bring up the dinner at your mother's chateau.

So much of our relationship has been about you, your family, your friends, your un-life. But I have a life, too. I know all about your family and the lycans. But there never has been anything between Larry and me. You know this, so why do you give me those looks whenever I say I'm meeting him? Is it too much to join a friend for popcorn and Teen Wolf once a week?

So I must tell you that it's over, Bitey. Of course, with your mind-reading powers you may already know this, which might explain the dead bats in my mailbox this morning (if this happens again I am sending you the bill from the pest control man).  Let us have no hard feelings between us.  All I ask is that you please not call me after midnight (I am trying to get my circadian rhythms back on track).

Yours (once),


Kelly Cozy is the author of the Ashes suspense series.  When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking for family and friends, and attending geeky conventions.

Bianca’s Note: Ahh break-ups…they’re never easy – for any of us!  Thanks to Kelly for giving us a new template for a Dear John letter.  Kelly is offering a copy of Ashes the first book in her Ashes series.  Enter below for your chance to win a copy, along with a lot of other awesome prizes!

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  1. Kelly, is this from your novel? It sounds very tongue in cheek.


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