Tales from the Dark Side...of Love Giveaway: Guest Post by Stacy Eaton on Domestic Violence

Thank you, Bianca, for inviting me to be a part of the “Tales from the Dark Side…of Love Giveaway.”  It’s an honor to be here today to talk about one of my books.  “Whether I’ll Live or Die,” ties nicely in with the subject of “dark love,” because it is about living a life of domestic violence. Nothing could ever be as dark as the horror of living under the abusive hands of a man.

For years, domestic violence was never mentioned; victims were looked at as the ones at fault. “They must have done something,” or “they got what they deserved.” Those were the words that were said, and sometimes still are.  It was something that happened behind closed doors.  Women, children—and even men—became victims, and had no one to turn to for help. “If they didn’t like the abuse, they would leave.”
Right? Wrong...

One of the hardest questions that I hear asked is, “Why don’t they just leave?” Why?  Because they can’t.  For years, they have been controlled, alienated from friends and family.  They have been told no one else will love them, and that they should be lucky to have someone at all. They are subjected to humiliation, verbal and mental torments and physical harassment. They have been told if they leave, they will lose their children, or worse, their lives.

But, it is possible to get away now. There are organizations out there that can help you—people who understand and will support you, help you to move forward and put the abuse behind you.
If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please make the call the National Domestic Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 and ask for help.

About “Whether I’ll Live or Die”:
“It sounded so simple in theory; ready... aim... fire... but what actually transpired was so much more.”

Officer Nicole Nolan holds the gun steady in her hands, knowing that life will be forever altered once she pulls the trigger. Her position as a small town police officer is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It is her job, her career and her life.

Amanda stands where protection does not exist. With several failed relationships behind her, Amanda turns a blind eye to the possessiveness Josh displays in order to soothe her desperate need to be loved. As the mental abuse turns violent, Amanda must deal with the denial and embarrassment of being a victim once again. With her emotional and physical health siting on the edge, she must fight to regain control of her life.

A gripping story with one final destination; but will it be life or death?

*** A Portion of the proceeds will be donated to Domestic Violence Centers

*** → Finalist in the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards - Relationship Category ← ***

*** → Finalist in the 2013 Readers Favorite Awards - Fiction - Realistic category ← ***

“…a brilliantly crafted journey that engages the reader both emotionally and psychologically,” Best-selling author, GE Johnson

Life changing, compelling and heartbreaking…” International best-selling author, Amy Manemann

This book brings a new light to the issue of abuse against women. The stark detail made me want to reach into the pages to help.” Reader, Scott Johnson

Twitter: @StacySEaton

Bianca’s Note: Stacy is a full-time police officer, so I can only imagine some of the horrific domestic violence scenes she’s encountered.  Thanks, Stacy, for your post and for contributing an eBook copy of, “Whether I’ll Live or Die,” (what a great cover!) to the giveaway.  Be sure and enter below for your chance to win a copy along with a bunch of other great prizes!

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  1. There's nothing so compelling as reading a story drawn from life experience. Congratulations to Stacey for writing this one.

  2. Thank you Alana. It was a painful story to write - but one that needed to be told.

  3. Stacy's book made me aware of domestic violence's origin as a control issue. It has a great message.


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