Tales from the Dark Side...of Love - M.E. Purfield's Top 10 Anti-Love Songs - Punk Style

Love is a horrible thing.  If you got it or if you don’t.  You will always be miserable.  Many people will tell you why.  So will I.  Love is a form of attachment.  We get attached to people. We never want them to change and we get insecure that they're going to leave.  Then, when we are without it, we romanticize love and that creates a horrible attachment.  From there people never live up to our fantasies.

Don’t get me wrong.  Love is great.  When you have the right person who changes and grows with you and you learn to accept those changes together, it can be an awesome time.  But some of us may never learn that and fall into the dark side of love.  I have. A long time ago.  And below is a great collection of Anti Love Songs, punk style.

I considered writing a little intro to each song, but instead decided to let them speak for themselves. There's no order of importance. You will also find a wide range of punk, from hardcore to alternative to no wave. Enjoy. Or don’t. Get depressed.

1) Drunken Butterfly - Sonic Youth

2) What Else is New - Dinosaur, Jr.

3) Pretty Deep - Tanya Donelly

4) Hope - Descendents

5) Marry Me - The Vandals

6) Just Another Love Song - Suicidal Tendencies

7) No Such Thing - Agent Orange

8) So Your Heart - Lydia Lunch

 9) Fuck and Run - Liz Phair

10) My Curse - Afghan Whigs

Bianca’s Note: Hey, any list that has Liz Phair and Sonic Youth on it, you know it’s not going to be sunshine and lollipops.  What a great warm-up to Valentine’s Day – at least for those without a Valentine ;)

Thanks M.E. for this list of “un” love songs.

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