Tales from the Dark Side...of Love Giveaway - Winners!

February is over so let there be light (unless you live in the path of monster winter storms like I do, in which case, it might be a few more weeks before we see the sun).

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and congratulations to the winners (see below)!  Hope you had fun on the dark side of love with us ;)

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  1. What a long list of winners! Congrats everyone :)

    Who won which prize? And how do we know if we are in the list - I see a 'Carol B' in the list, which may or may not be me ... ?!

  2. Winners are being notified this week. Thanks again for entering and congratulations!

  3. Bianca, I am interstate for the week and although I can receive emails I can't send them. Would you mind very much emailing the winner of Automaton to say that I'll contact her after the weekend? Regards, Alana Woods


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