Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Me – The Versatile Blogger Award

My tweep, Debi Smith, nominated me for this award and I give her many, many thanks. Debi and I like to talk smack about “General Hospital” on Twitter (truly, one of the highlights of my day) and I love the recipes she serves up on her Hunter’s Lyonesse blog. I’m always on the lookout for a yummy new recipe and Debi does not disappoint.

So, I’m supposed to offer up seven things you didn’t know about me. Here goes:
I’ve only been outside the U.S. once
And that was to Toronto in 2012. Not sure how it happened that I’ve never travelled overseas. I need to start working on that bucket list…

I speak French
Not fluently, mind you, but I can cobble together a few verbs and nouns now and then.

I’m allergic to peanuts and wheat
The wheat thing has been in the last few years, but peanuts have been my whole life (never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and yes I know what I’m missing – pain and suffering). Because of the wheat, I haven’t had a bowl of cereal (hot or cold) in years. God help me if I ever have to give up cheese…

I didn’t learn to drive until I was 20
I grew up in the city. Public transportation was my chauffer.

I hate wearing socks
Unless there’s snow on the ground, I wear flats with bare feet in the wintertime (I’m not alone; I’ve seen plenty of girls around the city doing the same. My Sisters in Crazy). If there’s snow, I do have a really cute pair of tall black boots that I wear with tights.

I eat one thing on my plate at a time
I also hate for my food to touch.

I can’t bake
I’m a pretty good cook (I make a mean lemon chicken), but when I try to bake from scratch, it’s like five science experiments gone wrong in one dish. I stick with box mixes and bakeries.


  1. If only we had more to smack talk lately about GH!

  2. Hi Bianca! Congratulations! I love the 7 things about you! I too eat one thing on my plate at a time (for someone of latin heritage this is unheard of), I'm allergic to wheat also and I hate wearing socks (I live in Florida though). You should travel more! As a writer you'll learn so much. Although, there's plenty to learn here in the US too. Fun read!

  3. Thanks, Vashti! It was fun to write. You sound like my sister from another mister! ;P


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