Letting Go

A few weeks ago, I finally crossed the finish line on the draft of my next release, “Every Breath You Take.”  I’ve blogged previously about what a long, tortured road it has been to turn this into a manuscript I actually like.  Early indications from my beta readers are positive, which, of course, makes me feel good (and more than a little relieved).

While I’m glad to be more or less done with the book (except for revisions after I get the rest of my beta comments back, editing, proofreading, etc.), a funny thing has happened that I’ve never experienced before.
I’m having a hard time letting go.

For reasons I can’t explain, I’m just not ready to let go of these characters.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been living with this story and these characters since Bush Sr. was in office, if it’s because I rewrote it so many times, if it’s because the story turned into something totally different than what I originally envisioned or what, but I’ve had to force myself to stop checking in on them every day to see what they’re up to, like they still need me or something.  I don’t know if my incessant hovering means there’s some prequels/sequels/companion novellas inside me that are dying to get out…

Or if I just need to let go already.
I made a vow to myself that I would stop cold turkey from hovering over them and so far, (all of a day) I’m keeping that promise.  There are other characters patiently waiting for my time and attention and I can no longer ignore them.  Time will tell if I’m really and truly done with these characters or if there’s still some story left to tell.

In the meantime, back to writing for my other children.

  (Image from skinnyartist.com)