Revise and Refresh

The last few weeks have been intense and I feel a spa day coming on soon.

For starters, I’m preparing myself for the return of “Every Breath You Take,” which is at the tail end of copyediting. In the time since I sent the book out, I’ve had no less than twenty little details I want to fill in, but am waiting to get the manuscript back first. Once that process is done, off the book goes for proofreading followed by formatting. In between all of that, I’ll be cranking up the promotion machine for the launch, which I have to admit, I’m more than a little excited about. I’ve got a lot of new ideas I’m trying this time around and can’t wait to give them a whirl.
I’m also doing a “refresh” on my first two books, one of which includes a new title and cover for one of them (stay tuned) and some additional editorial and formatting “nits” with each that have always bugged me that I just never got around to fixing, but made a promise to myself would be done before 2015.

I’ve also taken on writing a companion novella for “Every Breath You Take.” I wasn’t all that interested in doing a sequel, and frankly, not entirely sure it warrants one; however, there were some events in the novel that left me wondering, “Well what happened while this was going on?” that just really lent themselves to a companion piece. So, I’ve been immersed in library research, supplemental reading and interviewing a retired NYPD homicide detective (which was a BLAST), while fumbling my way through a first draft. I’ve never written a novella before, so while it has presented some challenges, I’m also having a lot of fun with it and giving myself permission to try some new things. More to come.
My website is also getting a facelift, which I am SUPER excited about and last but not least, I have revisions pending for “Live to Tell,” and a sequel/companion manuscript idea for that book that I’m mentally playing around with.

Basically, I’m wishing I could go ahead and clone myself already.
As many balls as I’ve got going at the moment, I LOVE it. All of it. I am having so much fun exploring new story ideas, putting a new face on some things and launching other stuff. No complaints.

Still…I’m really looking forward to that spa day.