Introducing . . . “Every Breath You Take” Playlist – Track No. 1

“Popular Music Is the Soundtrack of Our . . . Lives” – Dick Clark

When I’m supposed to be writing and . . . just don’t feel like it, one of my favorite pastimes is creating playlists for my books. While many authors create playlists based on music they listened to while writing a particular book, I take a bit of a different approach. I develop playlists based on the content of the books themselves. A scene, character or line of dialogue can inspire inclusion of a song on a book playlist. I have a lot of fun listening to different songs and matching them with something in the book.

Ahead of the upcoming release of “Every Breath You Take,” each Tuesday, I’ll share a song from the book’s playlist.

Track No. 1 is, of course, “Every Breath You Take,” by The Police. The ultimate misunderstood song, for it is a not an ode to undying love, but rather the musings of an obsessed, jilted lover. Let’s hope the practice of making this one a couple’s First Dance at their wedding has been retired.