“Every Breath You Take” Playlist – Track No. 2

Best laid plans, best laid plans. . .

I’ve slacked off a little (a lot) on my plan to release a song from the “Every Breath You Take,” playlist each Tuesday. The holidays will be my scapegoat.

All right, to get back on track, here’s the next track(ha ha!) from the playlist.

One of the most beautiful, most poetic songs ever sung has to be “La Vie en rose.” Paris plays a small, but significant role in the book, and “La Vie en rose,” immediately whisks me away to a little café in the city of love, which is one reason why I included the song.

While it has been covered by everyone from Aretha Franklin to Tony Bennett, “La Vie en Rose” is most closely associated with French cabaret singer, Édith Piaf (who penned the tune.) However, there is something really sweet about the Louis Armstrong version, which is below.

Jouir (Enjoy)!