A Paperback, a Novella and a Cover Reveal

Greetings from beneath my monumental to-do list.

The past few months have been hectic and a frenzied schedule typically means something has to give. In my case, it has been my blog posts. I have promised myself I will get back on the horse and resume regular posts. That is until the next frenzied schedule intrudes.

 So, what have I been up to in no particular order?:

“Every Breath You Take”

-        The paperback version is about to hit the presses, hopefully later this month. Stay tuned.

-        A funny thing happened after I wrote “The End” on this book – I couldn’t let go of the characters (I’ve blogged about this before – read more here). For one, there were some things that happened “off the page,” with some of the characters that I was curious about. So much so, I was compelled to write a companion novella tentatively titled, “Missing You.”).

I’ve never written a novella before, so “writing shorter,” was interesting. I’ve also never written a series or sequel of any kind, so it was a challenge (in a good way) to make sure certain details matched. I’m sure I probably missed a few – hopefully I can catch them on the flip side. Overall, it was a fun experience and I feel inspired to try it again in the future.

“Live To Tell”

-        After some internal revisions based on beta reader feedback and my own obsessively compulsive tweaking, “Live To Tell,” which will be my 4th release, has been officially sent out for content editing. Check out the book cover below. It’s unlike my other books in that it’s a first person POV, and the protagonist is male. Next stop will be more obsessive revision on my part, followed by copyediting, obsessive revision, proofreading, obsessive revision and finally unleashed on the world. Right now, I’m shooting for a September release, so more to come.

-        I’ve also begun veeerrrry preliminary work on a draft for a companion/sequel titled, “Tell Me A Lie.” Similar to “Missing You,” I found myself wondering, “Well, what happened next?” It will be another first person POV.


-        Because I get bored easily, I’m revamping my website for the 2nd time in six months. I’m updating it to include video among other fun features. I hope to have it ready for debut by early to mid-June.

-        As always, I’m coming up with story ideas way faster than I can write them. Maybe someday my brain will catch up with my fingers and I’ll get around to churning out the manuscripts.

But for now, back to writing.