“Every Breath You Take” Playlist – Track No. 7

Track #7 from the “Every Breath You Take” playlist is “I Can’t Wait” by NuShooz.

There’s a completely cheesy, completely ancient, completely awesome dance club in Chicago that I love called the Hangge Uppe (pronounced “hang up,” though depending on who you ask, for a laugh, some people call it “the hangey uppey.”). There are two levels to the Hangge Uppe; the top floor spins today’s hits while the bottom level is Throwback Thursday all day, every day. It is on the bottom floor of the Hangge Uppe where you’d find me. You’ll hear everything from “Sweet Caroline” to “Livin’ on a Prayer,” and every feel-good rock anthem, bombastic 80’s classic or disco ditty in between, “I Can’t Wait” among them. The main character of the book, Natalie, references a visit to the club during one scene and I imagine this was likely playing the night she was there. 

The inclusion of the song on the playlist also has another, very tongue-in-cheek meaning; like the singer, Natalie “can’t wait” for a telephone call from this guy she really likes.

Plus, I just f*$%!@g love this song.