“Every Breath You Take” Playlist – Track No. 10

Track No. 10 from the “Every Breath You Take” playlist is Danke Schoen by Wayne Newton.

I can remember like yesterday the first time I saw “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” My mom took me, my brother and cousin to see it when it opened in the summer of 1986 and I fell in love. From Matthew Broderick’s sweet, impish charm, to the hilariously neurotic Alan Ruck (Cameron) to the stylish cool of Mia Sara (Sloane – great name BTW, no? ;) (and seriously, who DIDN’T want to rock a white leather fringe jacket and tall leather boots with their shorts after seeing this movie?), everything about this movie just wowed me. The music, the locales, the high quotable quotient, the sheer fun – this movie is just perfection. Its recent inclusion in the National Film Registry only sealed its status as one of the best movies ever made.

“Danke Shoen,” (German for “thank you very much) is prominently featured throughout “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” most memorably in the parade scene where Ferris, quite literally, steals the show. I included the song on the “Every Breath You Take” playlist because Natalie’s (the main character in the book) boyfriend loves the movie, dubbing it as his favorite Chicago movie (mine, too.). I knew I would include a song from the movie and in almost the same breath, picked “Danke Shoen.”    

Director John Hughes called “Ferris Buller’s Day Off,” his love letter to Chicago; it’s a letter I never get tired of reading.  

Every Breath You Take Playlist:
Track No. 1 - “Every Breath You Take,” by The Police
Track No. 2 - “La Vie En Rose,” by Louis Armstrong
Track No. 3 - “Father Figure,” by George Michael
Track No. 4 - “Rise” by Herb Alpert
Track No. 5 - “The Power of Love,” by Celine Dion
Track No. 6 - "Sunrise," by Simply Red
Track No. 7 - “I Can’t Wait,” by NuShooz
Track No. 8 – “I Like It,” by DeBarge
Track No. 9 – “With or Without You,” by U2