“Every Breath You Take” Playlist – Track No. 11

Track No. 11 from the “Every Breath You Take” playlist is “La Vie En Rose” by Édith Piaf.

This version of “La Vie En Rose,” brings the playlist full circle. While the song has been covered endlessly (including by Louis Armstrong – Track No. 2 on the playlist), Édith Piaf’s rendition was the first and arguably, the most famous.

Without giving anything away, this version evokes bittersweet memories for Natalie, the protagonist of the book. However, it’s a fitting milestone for her journey.

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Every Breath You Take Playlist:

Track No. 2 - “La Vie En Rose,” by Louis Armstrong
Track No. 3 - “Father Figure,” by George Michael
Track No. 4 - “Rise” by Herb Alpert
Track No. 5 - “The Power of Love,” by Celine Dion
Track No. 6 - "Sunrise," by Simply Red
Track No. 7 - “I Can’t Wait,” by NuShooz
Track No. 8 – “I Like It,” by DeBarge
Track No. 9 – “With or Without You,” by U2
Track No. 10 – “Danke Schoen,” by Wayne Newton